My designs are inspired from the colors of the four seasons.

My concept in jewelry making is to leave the stones as untouched as possible,

allowing the natural beauty to be intact

   Zeynep Naz 

    Head Designer&Founder 


Colors and nature actually talk to us

        Every color and shape has a feeling. In edde world we appreciate what nature offers us , we let the nature contribute to our designs in order to rest our souls while everything is so shaped, restricted and industrialized today. We know the value of the unique colors and beauty of natural gemstones and we transform them into jewelry.

         edde was born in 2016, taking its place in fashion industry by offering most complex structure of nature in its simplest form. The roots of the edde brand, inspired by the colors of the seasons, are energy and naturalness.

         Timeless, simple in elegance and the spirit of  handcraftsmanship. Years of experience in the craftsmanship of silver and  gemstones. Building up on this heritage, edde  will share the coincidences of nature with our beloveds

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