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Your #eddestyle

Fine jewels are investment pieces that last forever, but it can be tricky to navigate the process of choosing designs that won’t date. There are, however, a few fundamentals that should underpin your search. Firstly, mixing metals is not only OK, it’s highly advisable – mixing silver, yellow gold, white gold and rose gold feels more layered and natural, and will give you a highly versatile collection.


In terms of gold quality, the higher the karat weight, the purer the gold; and the purer the gold, the greater the investment. The common point of our silver and gold collections is that we produce modern and timeless designs. 

Classic design codes are important. Also but your pieces should always have something ‘extra’ going on –  should add a special touch that makes your overall look come to life.


Edde designs have many models individually striking and it adds a special touch to your life.

For evening events, ‘party earrings’ are crucial. Gold woven and pearl set offer playful volume here, so explore all our gold woven jewelry to complement a cocktail dress.


Gold mesh earrings are also a must: Edde’s handmade woven gold earrings will add a fierce accent to each outfit, and your modern take on lend a chic touch to everything from knitwear to party dresses.


For the wrist, a gold-chain and silk woven bracelet is a steadfast staple: Edde's 14-karat styles are an expert choice, with making them featherlight to wear. Every jewelry collection also needs a handmade mesh gold bracelet, consider a stretchy style or one featuring unusual woven gold bracelet. This is a unique piece of jewelry  that will stay with from family for years to come.​


I must mention that without forgetting handmade woven gold is both a timeless elegance and an investment tool.Our unique hand crafted gold mesh jewelry, belongs to our brand Edde Fine Gold Jewelry , waiting for our dear customers on our online store or in our retail store in Istanbul.

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