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With a choice of two metals Gold and Silver and variety of design styles we are manufacturing for our wholesale customers all over the world since 1980.
However, design tastes vary from area to area and across countries.
For this reason we offer a bespoke service that caters for exclusive non-catalogue products.



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Wholesale Process

You can use the online form below to register your interest and receive our current colour catalogue.
All initial orders will be pro-forma until your account is set up.
Your orders will be with you in just 10 working days – good boxed carriage and ready to sell.

Bespoke Products

These are anything that is not in our catalogue. Can we make it?
As long as it is an item we can cast in one of our processes then there is little reason why not. 

Lifetime guarantee

We take pride in our manufacture and offer a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects in products.
We won’t replace items that have been abused or subjected to harsh environments beyond what is deemed normal.
In this case a repair may be undertaken



As the Edde gold jewelry family, we attend fairs every year.
Here you can examine and decide on the quality of our products more closely.
As a company, Edde fine jewelry deals with investors and various business offers with a rational approach.
Please contact for more information.

edde gold jewelry
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