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In 1980, EDDE was established in a city where two continents connect, in Istanbul. Raised in a great harmony of different cultures, Edde has maintained the traditional craftsmanship, ancient jewelry traditions and weaving art. By always taking to balance old and new into the heart, Edde is a high-end art piece of luxury jewelry 

What we do

Our artist have carried the centuries old art weaving into the future with aesthetic concerns and created Edde Fine Jewelry.


Our designs reflect years of cultural and technical knowledge of jewelry.


We design and produce gold and silver shawl jewelry


How we do it

By weaving gold chain and silver chain, we have created gold fabric and silver fabric, we create "wearable art"

From the research to the development of our art (patterns, designs and colors), from the production to the sales process, Edde fine jewelry brought simplicity and elegance to jewelry

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As Edde, we work coherently with our customers to offer best solutions according to their needs. We carry out our development strategies throughout current fashion trends by considering every detail of production to create unique hand woven jewelry.


With our wide range of products, we ensure that our customers gain competitive advantage in the jewelry market by adopting win-win principle. We offer wearable jewelry in the wholesale and retail jewelry industry.

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